True Natural Bodybuilding


I don't think there are any true natural bodybuilders taking part in bodybuilding contests these days and also not many in so-called natural bodybuilding contests, certainly not in the heavier weight classes and in the contests at a significant level. The reason is very simple, they would have no chance against their chemically enhanced fellow competitors. Yes, anabolic steroids are that effective. Many so-called natural bodybuilders do use hormonal drugs such as testosterone, anabolic steroids, growth hormone, insulin or prohormones during contest preparation, or have been doing so in the past to build their physique. Especially the heavy weight natural competitors are unlikely to be truly drug free, as confirmed in this interview with Mike Arnold from

I think it is fair to state that since the 1950's, when testosterone and anabolic steroids became available to athletes, competitive bodybuilders have been using them consistently, especially the professionals. Many of nowadays professional bodybuilders started using anabolic steroids already as a teenager, and some even as early as the age of 16. I even wonder whether bodybuilding contests would ever have become popular if anabolic steroids would not have existed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Admitting Anabolic Steroid Use

So far, there exist no contests for TRUE natural bodybuilders, mainly because of two reasons: it is impossible to test whether a bodybuilder is TRUE natural (life-time drug free), and true natural bodybuilders simply don't look impressive enough (not enough muscle mass and too much body fat compared to enhanced bodybuilders). And to be honest, I hope there will never be contests for true natural bodybuilders as there will always be cheaters showing up.

I believe that true natural bodybuilding should simply be a healthy, sporty lifestyle. I approach it as a competition against myself, in which I try day after day to push my personal limits one step further. I don't believe there is any honor or money to win for true natural bodybuilders by competing or becoming an idol.