True Natural Bodybuilding

The Magic Recipe

Sorry to disappoint you, but there really exists no magic recipe that can guarantee you to become a successful true natural bodybuilder. However, there certainly is a list of very important ingredients:

  • sound knowledge and understanding about training and nutrition
  • favorable genetics and good health in terms of skeleton, joints, muscles, tendons, digestive system and metabolism
  • very strong motivation, dedication, determination and persistence
  • winner's mentality in the gym (no pain, no gain)
  • healthy and effective diet
  • effective training routine
  • good gym equipment
  • healthy lifestyle
  • enough time and money to follow your diet and training program
  • ability to learn from experience and to find out what really works for you
  • a strong personality to say NO to doping

I hope that reading this website contributes at least to the first item of this list.