True Natural Bodybuilding


Some of my favorite bodybuilding sites
Supplement stores
Muscle Memory
Mr. Olympia
Arnold Classic
Dutch Bodybuilding Forum
The Weightrainer

Some gyms where I worked out

Better Bodies - Antwerp
Gym 11 - Antwerp
Center Gym - Brussel
Victory Fitness - Zonhoven
Gold's Gym - Venice CA

Other useful websites

Exercise and Muscle Directory
Sports Injury Clinic
The Visible Body: 3-D anatomy
Wikipedia: the free encyclopedia
USDA National Nutrient Database
New Calorie Counter
Calorie King
Voedingswaardetabel (Dutch)
Nutrition Data
The Glycemic Index Database
Office of Dietary Supplements
PubMed - Medline: medical literature
World Anti-Doping Agency
Steroids in Bodybuilding
Haulin' lifting straps and hooks
Schiek training accessories: belts, gloves, wraps, straps
Rehband: knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, etc.
SBD Knee Sleeves
British Nutrition Foundation: healthy diet
Vitamines en mineralen (Dutch)
Trainingsmethoden (Dutch)
Ergogenics (Dutch)

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