True Natural Bodybuilding

Best Bodybuilders Ever

Below I present some pictures and video clips of some of the best bodybuilders ever, at least according to my personal taste. In my opinion the perfect bodybuilder must have an average length (about 6 feet or 180 cm) and an impressive amount of muscle mass. Let's say a lean BMI between 30 and 35 with a body fat percentage below 3%. Any lean BMI above 35 can only be the result of massive abuse of hormonal drugs, which always results in unproportionally deformed physiques with bloated midsections, which I personally disgust.

Apart from a decent amount of muscle mass and a low body fat percentage, the perfect bodybuilder must also have high muscle quality and of course perfect proportions and symmetry. High muscle quality means in my opinion hard, full and round muscles with a long belly, showing lots of detail and muscle separation. Perfect proportions and symmetry implies that all muscles are proportionally developed, resulting in a balanced overall look. A small waist combined with broad shoulders makes the picture complete. Finally, a reasonable amount of vascularity makes the physique appear in top condition.

The perfect bodybuilder as described above, of course, doesn't exist. However, some bodybuilders come pretty close. My all-time favorite bodybuilders are Serge Nubret, Brian Buchanan, Lee Haney and Flex Wheeler. And of course, Arnold also had a pretty impressive physique. Unfortunately none of them are true natural, however, I hope you will enjoy the pictures and video clips below.

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